U.S. Hemp’s Amazing Medicated Cannabis Soap

U.S. Hemp’s Amazing Medicated Cannabis Soaps

 U.S. Hemp Medicated SoapU.S. Hemp’s search and research for spiritual nourishment took him down some dark and dirty roads.  But he has returned from the deepest jungles of his mind, soul and body to introduce:

U.S. Hemp’s Amazing Medicated Cannabis Soaps.

You will be amazed when you wash the grimy sludge of an oppressive government off your back with our high-grade kief concentrate skin cleansers.

Experience a clean and free feeling that you have never had before.  You won’t believe what cannabis oils will do for your skin.  Get a bar of U.S. Hemp soap and start scrubbing your way to a healthy freedom.

You will not settle for anything less after you have had U.S. Hemp’s Best.

U.S. Hemp has been cultivating and developing cannabis products since 1965.  The goal is to develop a cannabis cottage industry of specialized products to bring back free enterprise, product diversity and local prosperity to your communities.  U.S. Hemp will always put the quality of your life and the quality of our products first.  These products are not being offered for sale at this time.  However, if there is interest in these many and varied products that U.S. Hemp spent a lifetime and fortune developing, now is the time to talk.

Ulysses Samuel Hemp/Arlin Troutt

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  1. justin lintner says:


  2. james o'connell says:

    i like to no more about ur products plz get back av u got a catalogue 🙂

  3. justin lintner says:

    i would love to try your soap. i love anything with cannabis in it. i recently tried a tincture sucker and my goodness it was the best sucker i have ever had. please let me know how i can get a bar of this soap please THANX

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