Agrarian Church

Good Wonder, Words and Work

Agrarian Church "Treat others as you would like to be treated"

 The AGRARIAN CHURCH believes that the fruit of the earth is the source of physical and spiritual health, happiness and the true path to peace and prosperity.

 Our spiritual guidance comes from the ground. We believe that protecting the right to personal cultivation, cultural diversity and free enterprise for our communities, our families and ourselves is essential.

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  1. Zia says:

    Great image Agrarian Church pic above.
    I have wanted to tell you how marvelous the soap is…you know it already…but here what I noticed.
    I have been continuously wearing a copper bracelet for a long time…most often than not it is dark and tarnished and not shiny….but bathing with your soap it remains shiny and coppery in all its luster…meaning the soap does not scum it up…your soap…the best..therefor imagine how great it is for my skin…not tarnishing nor mucking me up…fabulous.
    p.s. still interested in the marble rings…will check if the website links now.
    Always kindly and the best, xxZ

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