Photo of Larry Hagman Hempmotized

I was glad to see Larry Hagman on CNN and the Dallas gang on the road again. Dallas gave us a good look at Texas and ourselves. I was reminded of how much I enjoyed meeting him backstage at the 1992 Sturgis biker bash. Willie Nelson, his road crew and some great musicians laughed our butts off listening to Larry and his son tell about their Harley Davidson road trip from LA to Sturgis. After seeing Larry on CNN I have no doubt he can still crank the Harley.

Larry Hagman Willie Nelson Sturgis

Larry Hagman Hempmotized at Sturgis

Larry is wearing a U.S. Hemp hat that we made in honor of Willie for Farm Aid. Willie Nelson, Larry Hagman and U.S. Hemp stood up for Hemp when it was getting ready to be dropped from the dictionary for lack of use.

I wish Larry luck on his new show and I would like to thank him for all the years of fine comedy and serious acting he still gives us. And thanks for having the courage to wear my hemp hat at that time in history. I hope he still has it.

Don’t ever forget that hemp was once illegal and folks with brown skin had to set at the back of the bus in my lifetime.

Ulysses Samuel Hemp

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