Ruling on Arizona Extracts & Concentrates

Major news in Arizona government’s war against Medical Marijuana. The 5 yr. old boy, Zander that needs marijuana oil for his seizures was in Judge Cooper’s Court On Valentine’s Day for an injunction order. Arizona argued that cannabis concentrates and extracts were illegal; and Zander’s parents would be arrested if they gave Zander an oil extracted from cannabis. This portion of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act was so clear it’s hard to imagine why Bill Montgomery and the State of Arizona would want to deliberately put this family through the torment and risk they did.

Judge Cooper is a Jan Brewer appointee and after her ruling on the 25-mile medical marijuana cultivation clause you can bet she did not make this ruling out of the goodness of her heart or based on the language of the law. However, national public pressure on this issue like Dr. Gupta’s CNN special on MMJ for kids has turned the tide on this crime against humanity.

Judge Katherine Cooper ruled this morning that cannabis extracts and concentrates are covered under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. This is a huge blow to Arizona’s adversarial government. However, it is a Godsend for parents that are flooding to Arizona with their infants for the right to Health, Happiness and the Freedom guaranteed under our Constitution. We would like to congratulate Zander’s parents, Zander, the Harvest of Tempe, Dr. William Troutt and the attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union for their courage and commitment to the health welfare and constitution rights of the Citizens of Arizona. Thank you.

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