Howard Fischer’s erroneous statement in the Arizona Daily Sun about the language of Arizona Medical Marijuana Act

October, 15, 2013
Brett Fere
Editor of East Valley Tribune
Re: Arizona Daily Sun Article by Howard Fischer containing an erroneous statement regarding the language of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.
Mr. Fere,
Per our conversation and your instruction this morning, I am sending this communication regarding an article that was published this morning in the Arizona Daily Sun. “Judge: Counties can’t prohibit med pot dispensaries”.
My particular concern about this article is an erroneous statement that Will Humble ADHS keeps repeating publicly and the press keeps printing repeatedly that simply is not true.
Mr. Fischer’s statement: “While cardholders were initially allowed to grow their own drugs, the law says they must obtain their supply from a state-regulated dispensary once there is one within 25 miles.
There is a Tsunami of litigation before the Arizona Courts regarding Will Humble’s interpretation of “his” 25-mile rule. I complained directly to Will Humble on his ADHS blog regarding the legal language of “his” 25 mile As the Crow Flies rule.
Mr. Humble responded by printing the actual language of the law that he used to take his hallucinogenic trip on the back of a flying crow.
Arlin Troutt
No place in the language of Prop 203 does it say that a patient living within 25 miles of a dispensary cannot grow marijuana. That language “flew like a crow” out of Will Humbles imagination. The only references to 25 miles in Prop 203 asks patients living a long distance from a dispensary to list their cultivation site on their ADHS applications. The ADHS then asks for a pledge not to divert cannabis for illegal use: OK. This 25 miles crow crap seems to be directed at keeping the price of cannabis criminal, dangerous and unaffordable. The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act was not passed to create revenue for Will Humble, the ADHS, the State of Arizona or the illegal Mexican marijuana trade. Will Humble has created a Tsunami of complicated and expensive lawsuits that Arizona Taxpayers will pick up the tab for. This same Medical Industry Cartel that seem to be at war with medical marijuana patients also pushed Prop 106 through to wreck Obamacare. However, Prop 106 unintentionally gave Arizona medical patients the right to go directly to their doctors for medicine and treatment without being forced to go through a state or private 3rd party healthcare provider. All of this makes this 25-mile rule laughably moot. And this is what Will Humble really needs to be talking about in his ADHS Medical Marijuana Blog.
  • Will Humble
Here is the voter approved statute regarding qualifying for a registration card regarding cultivation:
36-2804.02. Registration of qualifying patients and designated caregivers
A. A qualifying patient may apply to the department for a registry identification card by submitting:
3. An application, including:
(f) A designation as to who will be allowed to cultivate marijuana plants for the qualifying patient’s medical use if a registered nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary is not operating within twenty-five miles of the qualifying patient’s home.
Mr. Humble censored out my response to his reply to my complaint. On that subject, the Arizona Daily Sun also censored my comments on Mr. Fischer’s story.
But let’s get this straight Mr. Fischer, no place in the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act does it say or even imply: “While cardholders were initially allowed to grow their own drugs, the law says they must obtain their supply from a state-regulated dispensary once thers one within 25 miles.” You said that. This misinformation and game playing about the language of Prop 203/Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and the safety and medical value of cannabis has gone on long enough. People are suffering and dying and I am demanding that your information company print the truth, a retraction, an explanation and an apology. If we need an English language translator for the Department of Health Services and the Press we can do that. I would recommend you go to and read: As the Crow Flies”. And I would recommend you read the law and compare it to what Will Humble, Howard Fischer and the Press are telling the public. Additionally I would remind Mr. Fischer that drugs are manufactured in laboratories and marijuana grows naturally in my garden. He’s Hemp Hoax Hysteria sounds idiotic.
Thank you for in advance for your consideration of this complaint and your rapid response to my requests for a retraction, explanation and apology.
Arlin Troutt/U.S. Hemp
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