Bed Bug Infestation at the Mountain Vista Medical Center March 4, 2013

12NEWS reporter Mary Nguyen embellished a story about a bed bug attack on my wife at the Mountain Vista Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona. 12NEWS aired this incomplete and misleading “Bed Bug Attack Story” on Sunday March 3rd and Monday March 4th of 2013.  I would like to set the record straight.

I was admitted into Mountain Vista Medical Center for a leg surgery on Thursday February 28th.    Dr. Hani Shennib performed a successful surgery on my thigh. He examined me the next day and ordered a registered nurse in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to remove the 2 drainage tubes from my left thigh and release me.

The ICU nurse failed to cut all the stitches in the deep drainage tube before she tore the tube from my leg. The pain was indescribable and the damage was profound.  The nurse immediately put adhesive tape directly on the wound and quickly concealed it with a bandage. She left the bloody tubes on the sink and left the room. According to other floor nurses she did not mention any of this in her reports.  I complained of this incident directly to the Chief Nurse but I don’t believe he forwarded what happened to me after surgery to Dr. Shannib.

The hospital also failed to release me as Dr. Shennib had ordered on Friday, March 1st. I got trapped in the hospital’s “mistake damage control system” until Sunday with a sick wife that refused to leave my side.

After I found a bed bug infestation inside the sleeper chair my wife was sleeping on in the recovery room I contacted the Chief Nursing Officer for Vista Medical Center (Bill Southwick). I expressed my concerns that this incident in the ICU and the bed bug infestation was getting swept under the rug. I made a deal with Bill Southwick that would allow him to aggressively clean this hazardous mess up and not try to cover it up.  After moving me to another filthy room with a filthy guest chair I found out that the hospital administrators were not even warning or informing the nursing staff on the floor about the bed bug infestation.

After it was clear Bill Southwick broke his deal to clean the place up and protect the staff and patients, I contacted the most fearless reporter I know.  Lindsey Collom (Arizona Republic) could not cover the story and she deserved a Sunday off.  She forwarded my complaint about the hospital cover up to Eric Watson at 12NEWS and he called me on the hospital telephone.

I explained to Mr. Watson that Bill Southwick had not carried through with his promise to clean the mess up and that he had not informed the nurses and staff of this bed bug infestation.  Mary Nguyen from 12NEWS then contacted my wife and filmed a parking lot interview for 12NEWS.

Mary Nguyen first reported the story on 12NEWS at 10PM.  She was well aware that this complaint regarded the cover up of the bed bugs by hospital administrators not the bugs themselves. That was the complaint and that was the real story that should have been aired.  Instead Mary Nguyen and her crew embellished, fabricated and aired a sensational story about my wife being awakened by bed bugs biting her in the night at a local hospital.  Ms. Nguyen then planted the insinuation that these bed bugs and there generations of babies living inside the chair we photographed had possibly come from my wife (the bug bitten victim) instead of the hospital.  This was after she saw the photos of the colony of bed bugs living inside the arms of the hospital guest chair. Mary Nguyen went on to reassure the public that these human blood sucking parasites that live in hospitals are not dangerous.

Mary Nguyen and 12NEWS ignored some big problems by airing a story that seemed designed to mischaracterize and avoid our complaint and help exonerate the hospital and close the case. By not giving the public the facts about what I was really complaining about at Mountain Vista Medical Center; 12NEWS also puts the public at risk. Shame on the Administrators at the Mountain Vista Medical Center, Mary Nguyen and 12NEWS.

I would also like to express my deepest appreciation for the highly skilled and dedicated professionals that cared for me at Mountain Vista Medical Center. It only takes a few bad apple to make the whole barrel stink. They deserve a lot more credit and protection than they are getting from their administrators or the press.

Respectfully Submitted on March 4, 2013

by Arlin Troutt/U.S. Hemp

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  1. Bill Hinson says:

    The Health Care Industry is the most Powerful in this country. Don’t expect a miracle in this situation. But I do applaud your taking a stand and trying to bring it out into the light. Hope your leg is on the mend.
    Bill Hinson

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