U.S. Hemp News Letter October 20, 2011

The Fugitives

U.S. Hemp attended the Occupy Phoenix gathering on Saturday October 15,2011. We joined the other rebels with a cause but without a clue. So, we all put our differences away for the day and peacefully assembled and marched in protest. Most of us seemed to agree that these corporate owned politicians have sold us out to the highest bidders with money they extorted from the middle class. We showed up with U.S. Hemp signs and Agrarian Church literature and attracted a lot of attention and support with our signs: End the Drug War, Don’t Be a Hempocrite and Pot is My Religion. Our Media is Public Enemy #One sign was also a big hit.

J Interview Occupy Phoenix

I have been trying to Ban the Bombs since the Vietnam War. The beatnik holding the protest sign behind the 1965 photo of The Fugitives has passed the quest for peace, equality and justice to my children. I looked the Phoenix police over pretty good on Saturday because 4 of my 7 activist children were with me. A lot of cops smiled at us and gave us nods of support as we passed. It is a mistake to provoke and alienate the police in these assemblies. Beware of agitators that seem to pop up from nowhere and help the media divert attention away from the real issues. I urge anyone and everyone participating in these assemblies for democracy, equality, peace and freedom to go the extra mile to avoid confrontations with the police and each other. “A civil revolution is a hell of a lot better than a civil war.”
On Monday (October 17th) U.S. Hemp hit #1 and #3 on Neil Young’s Living With War Today. This is a popularity chart of 3,430 songwriters and musicians. We have all offered our songs to protest Living with War Today. Again, I would like to thank Neil Young and the people that have listened to my songs and helped put me at the top of that chart for several weeks now. Please go to Neil’s website and support the protest of Living With War Today. I would like to invite you to listen to Line in the Sand and Business is Booming by U.S. Hemp and support our dream of Living Without War Tomorrow. http://www.neilyoung.com/lwwtoday/

Tuesday (October 18th) I met with a group of medical cannabis activists that are getting very active in Arizona. This group is focused on the sabotage of Arizona’s medical marijuana law by public officials and the damaging effects of their actions. Allan Sobol is the front man articulating the problems cannabis patients and providers are facing in Arizona. Mr. Sobol and a close-knit group of human rights activists are working hard on the production of a documentary on the medical cannabis situation in Arizona. Mr. Sobol has gone under the camera lights to shed light on the damaging opposition by public officials to Arizona’s medical marijuana law that passed in November of 2010.

U.S. Hemp is looking forward to the release of this much-needed documentary that Mr. Sobol and associates are producing. It is time to tell the truth about the history of the Cannabis Wars in Arizona. Mr. Sobol and his supporters appear to be doing their share for Justice, Freedom and the American Way.

I have added many new friends to our U.S. Hemp News Letter. We always like to hear back from you and we are proud to add new friends to the list. If for any reason you want to be taken off our Newsletter list let us know this too. Peace and Privacy is a Priority.

Thank you for your attention,

U.S. Hemp/Arlin Troutt

Young Girl Protest

Occupy Phoenix Interview

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